Our personalized integrated approach will enhance your quality of life!

(S.H.A.P.E.™) SHAPE Toronto Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Personal Training & Massage Centre offers a team of professional Sports Health and Performance Experts providing comprehensive, personalized care through a diverse range of specialized services.

The SHAPE approach provides Integrated Therapy and Training and continuity of care facilitated by the unique co-operative relationship and proficient communication among our health and fitness specialists. Through a series of treatments administered in a coordinated manner, we ensure that individual health-care goals are efficiently achieved for each client.

Our treatments go far beyond the treatment itself. Our staff is dedicated to providing upscale service from head to toe! You will receive a complimentary bottle of water with each visit, as well as towel service, use of our day lockers and fully stocked change rooms.

At SHAPE, one treatment unit can be enjoyed in many different ways:


  • Integrated Therapy & Training (ITT) Treatment ... 30 minutes
    - Active Release Technique (ART)
    - Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)
    - Acupuncture
    - Chiropractic
    - Osteopathy
    - Physiotherapy
  • Exercise Rehabilitation ... 60 minutes
  • Nutritional Counseling ... 60 minutes


  • High Performance Personal Training & Boxing ... 60 minutes
  • Private Yoga ... 60 minutes
6 Treatment Units
  • Regular Fee: $135.60 / each
  • Discounted Fee: $115 / each
  • Cost: $690
12 Treatment Units
  • Regular Fee: $135.60 / each
  • Discounted Fee: $110 / each
  • Cost: $1,320
24 Treatment Units
  • Fee: $135.60 / each
  • Discounted Fee: $107.50 / each
  • Cost: $2,580
NOTE: chiropractic (30 min.) = 1.5 treatment units
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  • Initial personalized sixty minute assessment & treatment (physiotherapy) ... $240
  • Initial & follow-up personalized thirty minute assessment & consultation (chiropractic) ... $165
  • Initial personalized thirty minute assessment & consultation (physiotherapy) ... $120
  • Personalized sixty minute physiotherapy ... $240
  • Personalized thirty minute physiotherapy ... $120
  • Personalized sixty minute active rehabilitation physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment ... $135.60
  • Personalized thirty minute active rehabilitation physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment ...  $79.10
  • Report of Findings & Program Plan ... $180
All of our physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions are personalized, private, and 'one-on-one' with a SHAPE physiotherapist or chiropractor. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the most personalized, unique and integrated approach possible. We do not use any machines, all of our treatments are hands-on and your entire visit is spent being treated directly by your practitioner. Our goal is to get you pain free, active and optimizing your health and performance as quickly as possible. We transition our patients and clients from passive to active care as quickly as possible and provide home care instruction on enhancing the results of your treatment. All treatment plans are evidence-based and follow specific protocols that have been researched and proven to work.

Our Clinic Managers work directly with our integrated therapists and communicate with your medical doctor to oversee your personalized program plan, keeping everything on track to ensure that we meet your goals and make you feel better. We are with you every step of the way.


  • Sixty minute high performance personal training session and fascial stretch - $120
  • Thirty minute high performance personal training session and fascial stretch - $70


  • Ninety minute RMT treatment - $195
  • Sixty minute RMT treatment - $135
Massage Therapy promotes wellness and aids in the treatment and recovery of injury. Our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) focus on postural correction, sport-specific treatment and perinatal massage.

SHAPE's RMTs value the importance of relaxation in our fast-paced lives. Stress can cause an increase in muscle tension and poor postural habits; a pattern that we will rehabilitate through treatment. Massage therapy also plays a significant role in alleviating stress, enhancing the mind-body connection, and promoting overall well-being.

Our RMTs are specifically trained in the treatment of sport injuries, tension headaches, neck and low back pain, sciatica, muscle tension and spasm, carpal tunnel syndrome and anxiety.


Each client has unparalleled access to our concierge services, whether it be dinner reservations, flowers for someone special or simply a cab for the ride home. Let us take care of you! Simply speak to the Client Relations Associate on duty and allow us to simplify your life and save you time. It is just another way we strive to enhance your quality of life.


  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your treatment to prepare for your SHAPE experience.
  • 48 hours notice is required for appointment cancellation, otherwise full fee will be charged.
  • We accept VISA & MasterCard.
  • We welcome extended health-care plans & MVA Treatment Plans.


Active Isolated Stretching
ART® Soft Tissue Treatment
Athletic Therapy
Boxing/Core Stability Training
Concussion Management & Treatment
Corporate Wellness Programs
Custom Knee Braces
Exercise Therapy
Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)
Functional Range Release™
High-Performance Training
In-Home Treatment Plans
Integrated Therapy & Training
Manual Osteopathy
Medical Acupuncture
MVA Injury Rehabilitation
Nutritional Counselling
Osteoporosis Prevention
Pelvic Floor Therapy
Pickleball Injury Treatment & Prevention Training
Registered Massage Therapy
Sports Performance Training
Sports Therapy
Virtual Physical Therapy & Personal Training


SHAPE Health & Wellness Centre

35 Coldwater Rd.
Toronto ON M3B1Y8

CALL: 416.929.8444

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SHAPE Health & Wellness Centre

35 Coldwater Rd.
Toronto ON M3B1Y8

CALL: 416.929.8444

Call SHAPE Today
Mon. - Thurs. 6am - 9pm
Fri. 6am - 6pm
Sat. 8am - 6pm
Sun. 9am - 4pm